Calgarians can tune into city’s first-ever car choir event Sunday

Calgarians can tune into city’s first-ever car choir event Sunday

You can tune in to a new kind of entertainment this weekend with the city’s first-ever car choir event.

In an effort to bring music to the masses amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary-based Luminous Voices is gearing up to host the free event on Sunday.

The LV Car Choir will see up to 16 performers from Calgary’s professional Chamber Choir, sitting in their vehicles and singing alongside their peers for listeners to enjoy.

“We’re all in our own cars, using our mics and looking at our own music, and then we can hear each other on the FM dial,” Luminous Voices’ artistic director Tim Shantz said in an interview with .

“These singers haven’t had the chance to sing together much over the last six months so this is a new opportunity for us and we want to bring some hope to other people as well.”

Attendees of the event will be able to hear the concert by tuning into a designated FM station on their radios.

“We’re going to find an FM signal that is not being used and then we’ll broadcast on that signal which will reach about 100 or 200 metres,” Shantz said.

He added the event is being hosted with a drive-in format, and residents are invited to sign up to attend in their own vehicles.
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