Canada ‘very closely’ watching data on mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines

Canada ‘very closely’ watching data on mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines
Tam said the hope is “further clarification” will be available well before those Canadians awaiting a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine are due to roll up their sleeves again.

“I think we’re all interested in the approach of actually mixing different types of vaccines, like an mRNA following a viral-vector vaccine, for example,” Tam said at a press conference Tuesday.

“The best evidence will be taken into account as available. We may expect that expert advice to come, and certainly, the idea is to have it before those who have received their first vaccine (are due for their second.)”

The notion of combining vaccines initially drew interest in Canada following concerns about cases of very rare blood clots in a small percentage of people who received AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccines. But as , there are new concerns about how to achieve the two-dose regimen.

All of the vaccines with the exception of the shot from Johnson & Johnson require two doses, administered some weeks apart. Earlier this month, Health Canada’s  National Advisory Committee on Immunization  (NACI), recommended that provinces and territories wait up to four months to administer the second dose to their citizens in order to vaccinate as many people as possible as Canada faced down significant supply shortages.

Now, with hundreds of thousands of Canadians inoculated with one dose of AstraZeneca, and Canada’s next shipment in flux, combining vaccines is quickly becoming a potential reality.
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