Civilian police oversight in Regina could expand this week

Civilian police oversight in Regina could expand this week

Depending on the outcome of a city counci l vote this week, the civilian presence on the  could expand.

A city administration report being presented to council is recommending the number of civilian members required to be on the board be expanded from two to four.

The potential change already has support from one of the current civilian commissioners, Jada Yee.

“I’ve been on the board for about two years now. It has been talked about. But I think that with the recent events going on in the world, now is the perfect opportunity to put that into motion,” Yee said Saturday.

Governed by The Police Act, Regina’s Board of Police Commissioners is responsible for approving the RPS budget, developing strategic goals and objectives and negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

The board’s current mandate requires at least one of its two civilian members to be of Indigenous descent.

Yee said he thinks expansion would allow the board to further reflect Regina’s diversity.

“You need to have voices and experiences that represent Regina. It shouldn’t be just a certain people having input into the board. The more diverse any board, having Indigenous, non-Indigenous, new immigrants, females, elders and young people, when you have such a broad band of experiences it benefits anything,” he said.

“Knowing that our police service goes to great lengths to be reflective of our community, having more community representatives on our board will be a really positive thing. It’s going to give us more community involvement, and more outreach in the community, and ultimately that will help shape our police service in the years to come.”
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