Coronavirus: Okanagan charity puts out plea for donations after fundraising event cancelled

Coronavirus: Okanagan charity puts out plea for donations after fundraising event cancelled
The East Meets West Children’s Foundation is putting out a plea to past supporters and the general public to consider making a donation to the charity.

Every year the Okanagan charity holds its fundraising dinner just before the Indian festival of Diwali, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled this year because of the pandemic.

“Diwali is the festival of lights, it’s a festival of hope, it’s a festival that signifies good over evil, light over darkness, so we use that as a symbol of our work,” board chairperson Mohni Singh said.

However, despite the gala cancellation, the needs that East Meets West help to fill remain.

The organization supports children in the Okanagan, India and Nepal.

The pandemic has put additional stress on the charity, as it has intensified poverty in India, to the point that many parents are making heartbreaking decisions.

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“In Calcutta alone, we have had to take care of 33 abandoned babies during this COVID season.  Thirty-three babies left at the orphanage door, and that costs money,” Singh said.

“We give money to an orphanage there and also a creche,” board member Mike Hill said. “So the money goes there to help with basic school needs and food. In Kelowna we give to different organizations, one being the Starbright Children’s Development Centre.”
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