Facing pandemic bankruptcy, Quebec s sugar shacks launch home dining to save the sugar tradition

Facing pandemic bankruptcy, Quebec s sugar shacks launch home dining to  save the sugar tradition
Facing possible bankruptcy, sugar shacks across the province are banding together to launch gourmet boxes of their classic Quebec cuisine.

Hit hard by the pandemic, 70 sugar shacks have banded together for the Ma cabane la maison project, bringing a taste of maple to peoples homes this winter.

The goal is to save the sugar tradition so that we can come together again in these festive places next year, said Stphanie Laurin, president of the Association des salles de rception et rablires du Qubec and co-owner of Chalet des rables.

According to him, 75 per cent of Quebecs sugar shacks are at risk closing for good. Since March 2020, around 40 others have already had to close, he said.

Maple ham, baked beans, Oreilles de crisse, puffy omelets, maple syrup grandfathers and more; the menu highlights the classics, all available starting Monday.

Each box costs between $25 to $35 per person. Some are meant to be reheated, others are made for people to cook at home.

There are plenty of menu options, including vegetarian, vegan, pork and gluten-free meals using fully recyclable containers and packaging, also made in Quebec.
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