More than just your name on vaccine QR codes

When Digital Government Minister Sarah Stoodley told residents last month to keep their vaccine passports to themselves, she had good reason to.

It turns out there’s a little more information encoded on that magic square than businesses will be able to see when they scan it with the NLVaxVerify app.

“It’s important that when you get this, you guard it as you would your MCP number, for example,” Stoodley told reporters at a news conference in September. “I wouldn’t post a picture of my QR Code on social media or anything.”

A QR (“quick access”) code looks like a box with a bunch of randomly sized smaller boxes inside it. It’s similar to a bar code, but is two-dimensional.

The ones issued by the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information (NLCHI) are designed so that when they are scanned by the NLVaxVerify app, they simply divulge the person’s name and a colour-coded message as to whether the vaccination requirement is met or not.
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