North Rustico seniors home working to prevent its licence from being revoked

The 19-bed facility, located on Church Hill Avenue in North Rustico, has been undergoing a series of inspections since September last year, according to a report by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board on Feb. 22.

Documents made public by P.E.I.’s Department of Health and Wellness indicate the initial investigations yielded 63 areas of concern, which largely pertained to insufficient documentation and staff training.

“There are reasonable grounds to believe the facility would not be able to operate in accordance with the prescribed standards,” the Feb. 22 report reads.

The board had proposed to revoke the facility’s license and begin decommissioning it starting April 1. But, following a hearing last month, the facility’s owners showcased enough improvements to be granted a provisional licence for April to continue their efforts “to ensure ongoing care services that are safe, of good quality and appropriate to the needs of the residents,“ the March 23 follow-up report reads.

The Guardian contacted the facility’s owners, Robert and Elizabeth Gaudet, but they chose to limit their comment until after the board’s final decision is made. Elizabeth noted most of the initial concerns have since been either eliminated or partially eliminated.

She’s optimistic the remaining concerns will be looked after by their next inspection.

“I believe that we probably have that almost all done now,” she told The Guardian on April 7.

A 2018 report issued by the board states Villa Marguerite’s licence was renewed following a “substantive amount of work” at that time. An early 2020 report indicates the facility’s licence was renewed for meeting provincial standards within satisfaction.

For now, the Gaudet’s are not allowed to admit new residents – they had 12 residents as of March 17. Another hearing will take place in late April allowing them to showcase further progress to the board or to appeal the decision, should it ultimately decide to revoke their licence.

If unsuccessful, the department would intervene in Villa Marguerite’s operations to help secure alternate housing for all residents and to decommission the facility.

Here are some of the concerns that Villa Marguerite Seniors Home was listed as noncompliant in by the Community Care Facilities and Nursing Homes Board back in December 2020. As of March 23, however, most of these concerns have since been eliminated or partially eliminated with only one area of non-compliance and 22 partial compliances.
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