Not quite 50,000 shots to go

The health unit said that it needs to administer 47,800 doses in the Sudbury and Manitoulin districts to reach its goal of 90 per cent vaccine coverage for all eligible individuals aged 12 and over.

“Since the start of our COVID-19 vaccination program, I am proud of the great work and success we have achieve but know we need to do more,” said Public Health Sudbury and Districts Medical Officer of Health Dr. Penny Sutcliffe.

“In order to hit this milestone, we are shifting our approach with our vaccination clinics. In the coming weeks, our vaccination clinics will focus on more flexible and pop-up clinics as we begin to wind down our mass immunization clinic sites.”

This week, public health announced there is less need for high volume clinics at this point in the vaccination program.

More than 80 per cent of residents in Sudbury and districts who are eligible to receive the vaccine have received at least their first dose and over 70 per cent are fully vaccinated.

The health unit will begin using a more targeted approach. Communities and workplaces in the region now have the option to request a mobile vaccination team who can visit them on location.

“We are bringing the vaccine to you and your family, offering convenient and timely opportunities to be vaccinated. With back-to-school in the near horizon, now is the time for eligible students, post-secondary students, and anyone working in a school setting to receive a first and second dose of the vaccine,” said Dr. Sutcliffe.

“The health of our classrooms, and our community as a whole, depend on it. I encourage you to make an informed decision, and please get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Chapleau is the first region in the health unit’s service area to reach 100 per cent of eligible individuals receiving their first dose of the vaccine.

The region is also leading the way with 91 per cent of residents who are fully vaccinated.

To date, Public Health, First Nations, and primary care partners have administered 268,421 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

A total of 142,268 people have received their first dose and 126,153 have been fully vaccinated. People aged 80 and over are the first age group to have achieved 100 per cent vaccination coverage for both first and second doses.

“While the government of Ontario is preparing to exit the Roadmap to Reopen, when we do so and what it will look like will depend on community-wide vaccination coverage,” said the health unit said in a release.

“Encourage family and friends to complete their vaccination series and continue to follow public health guidance and choose safer activities.”

From July 29 to Aug. 4, three new cases of COVID-19 were reported and three cases were resolved.

None of the three new cases had a mutation profile that is commonly associated with a variant of concern. One of the cases had no known epidemiological link, one was a close contact, and one is still under investigation.

All of the cases were reported in the Manitoulin district.

In the last seven days, the health unit identified 23 people has having had high-risk close contact with a case of COVID-19.

This represents an average of 7.7 high-risk close contacts per local case compared to 2.6 high-risk close contacts last week.

“Public Health follows up directly and regularly with every high-risk close contact to monitor them for symptoms, ensure they are self-isolating (usually not required for 14 days if fully vaccinated), and make recommendations for testing according to provincial guidance,” the release said.

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