Nova Scotia PCs to introduce bill banning gay-conversion therapy   

Nova Scotia PCs to introduce bill banning gay-conversion therapy   
The interim leader of Nova Scotia’s Progressive Conservative Party is calling for members of the House of Assembly to come together and ban conversion therapy for youth in the province.

In a media release on Wednesday morning, Karla MacFarlane said the official Opposition will bring a bill forward in the fall session that will see LGBTQ youth protected from conversion therapy.

“It’s necessary for us, as human decency. I want our youth, I want everyone to know that Nova Scotia is a province of diversity [and] inclusion,” MacFarlane said at the legislature on Wednesday.

“It’s something that’s very dear to me, and I figure that if it’s dear to me, it’s dear to so many other Nova Scotians.”

Conversion therapy – sometimes known as “reparative therapy” or “gay culture therapy” – is the practice of trying to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. It has been linked to depression and suicide among LGBTQ youth.

The British government moved to ban gay-conversion therapy earlier this month, claiming it will “eradicate the abhorrent practice.”

Conversion therapy has been widely debunked by the medical community, but it remains legal throughout much of Canada. Ontario, Manitoba and the City of Vancouver have all moved to ban the practice.

The proposed ban is on conversion therapy for youth, who are most often targeted. Ontario and Manitoba have similar bans in place.

MacFarlane said even though conversion therapy isn’t widely accepted, they’re moving to ban it as it is currently legal.

“We just want to ensure everyone knows that Nova Scotia is a progressive province, it’s really a non-partisan issue, and I look forward to having the NDP and the Liberals support this,” MacFarlane said.
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