Ontario parent waiting for $10-a-day child care deal: ‘What is the holdup?’

Ontario parent waiting for $10-a-day child care deal: ‘What is the holdup?’

“What is the holdup?” asked LaRose. “What’s causing Ontario to having to be standing here waiting, parents struggling?”

LaRose had her daughter in daycare since she was six months old. It was a struggle financially and although out-of-school care is cheaper for Mireya, who is now six years old, it still adds up to more than $600 per month.

“They’ve had enough time… It shouldn’t take this long.”

Wendy LaRose, with daughter, Mireya, six years. LaRose is calling on Ontario to sign daycare deal to ease financial burden for families.


Ontario is one of the last provinces yet to sign on with Ottawa for $10-a-day daycare.

Ontario’s education minister, Stephen Lecce, said the aim of the drawn-out negotiations is to “land a fair deal that reduces costs and brings us to $10-a-day, which is what the federal government committed.”

“The government is very committed to landing a fair deal for Ontario families. It is so obvious that child care is inaccessible and unaffordable to too many families,” said Lecce.
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