Phase 2 of Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant Program application deadline nears

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) issued a reminder to the public on Oct. 13 to submit their applications for the phase 2 deadline of the Fish Harvester Benefit and Grant Program.

The Phase 2 application deadline has been extended to Oct. 31.

“To apply for Phase 2, you must have been eligible and applied for the Phase 1 benefit payment,” the DFO stated. “If you received a Phase 1 benefit payment and do not apply for the Phase 2 component, an overpayment letter will be issued to you.”

The appeal deadline for overpayment letters is set for Oct. 15, which was extended from the initial Sept. 15 date.

For applicants who feel their tax information has been incorrectly reflected are encouraged to consult the program’s overpayment letters and eligibility section on their website.

Applicants who have had error messages stopping their online application process are requested to contact Service Canada as soon as possible if they have not done so already, to ensure they may be contacted when their file clears, the DFO stated.
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