Police warn locals about door-to-door scam

Shelburne Police Service (SPS) are warning residents to be “very careful” about door-to-door sales following a report of a woman selling unmarked chocolate bars.

On Oct. 29, Shelburne Police received a report of a woman who had visited a home in Shelburne selling unmarked chocolate bars for charity. Police say that when the home owner declined, the women then asked for spare change.

“This is highly irregular behaviour for someone who is legitimately raising money for a charity,” said SPS Const. Jennifer Roach, in a press release to the public.

Since the incident, Shelburne Police are now cautioning residents to be “very careful when someone is attending their door selling products”.

“Legitimate companies will show you their identification and won’t ask for your spare change,” said Roach.

Shelburne Police were also made aware of information circulating on social media regarding “violent activities by a group selling chocolate to raise money” and say they have spoken with other police services about the alleged violent acts which have not been reported to any police service.

The Town of Shelburne has a hawkers and peddlers bylaw, which prohibits door-to-door sales unless a permit from the town has been obtained. The Town of Shelburne according to the SPS press release have not issued a permit in almost three years.
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