Quebecers now need to wear masks during outdoor activities and at work

Quebecers now need to wear masks during outdoor activities and at work
MONTREAL -- Quebecers now have to wear masks while participating in outdoor group activities, following new rules aiming to slow the spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants.

Several new restrictions were added to the provinces pandemic measures this week. Masks are also now mandatory in all workplaces, including for people who work outdoors if they are likely to come within two metres of another person.

The INSPQ also recommends workers rotate meal times, favour eating in individual offices when possible or that companies make more rooms available for workers.

We must act in a preventive manner and increase our level of precaution, wrote Premier Francois Legault in a post to social media outlining the new rules.

The presence of variants is increasingly large and dangerous, he wrote. The situation continues to be of concern, particularly given our fragile health system.

On Wednesday, Quebec reported that more than 12,000 variant cases have been detected. Under increased observation (which can take weeks), 1,592 cases have been fully sequenced to determine exactly which mutation they are.

La situation est proccupante avec les variants. Mais les Montralais sont prts continuer de lutter. Selon un rcent sondage, prs de 8 Montralais sur 10 soutiennent l application de mesures plus strictes. Continuons nos efforts #TousEnsemble .

Of the sequenced cases, the majority of them (1,424) are the UK variant, B.1.1.7, and have mostly been found in and around Montreal. A smaller concentration of the South African mutation, B.1.351, has appeared in Abitibi-Tmiscamingue.

The situation is worrying with the variants, wrote Montreal Health Director Dr Mylene Drouin. But Montrealers are ready to continue fighting.

The last-minute press conference was announced Wednesday evening, and the province has so far given no indication of what leaders will address.
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