Ribbon Cutting on Highway Project

The project went from Highway 322 just north of the Glen Harbour access road to Highway 220 junction and into popular Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park.

Paving improvements inside Rowan’s Ravine included paving the Underwood campground loops, boat launch and day-use parking lot.

Despite some initial bumps in the road with the RM of McKillop over gravel extraction, the project has finished on time.

On hand for the ribbon-cutting was the Minister of Highways Fred Bradshaw, Last Mountain-Touchwood MLA Travis Keisig, ASL Paving Ltd. Vice-President James Fraser and RM of McKillop Reeve Bob Schmidt.

“Highways 322 and 220 are essential gateways to those traveling to Rowan’s Ravine and the surrounding area,” Highways Minister Fred Bradshaw said. “These improvements keep our roads safe so that families and visitors can enjoy their time in our parks.”

Minister Bradshaw thanked the paving contractor ASL Paving Ltd “they have done a great job and thank you very much for the wonderful work that you’ve done.”

Bradshaw said the government would continue to look at improving the Provincial Parks and the access to them. He also acknowledged the many regional parks in the Province that need good access, which he said people need and expect. “We are on the route to grow Saskatchewan. We want to see Saskatchewan growing. To have Saskatchewan growing we need to think of the safety of our roads. We also have to think of the access and the benefits to all of our people that live in the Province.”

MLA Travis Keisig, “COVID has shown us the best place, the healthiest place is outdoors, and no place has a better outdoors than Saskatchewan’s Provincial Parks. The reality is no matter how beautiful a provincial park is you need proper infrastructure to access it. This project will provide years of service to locals and visitors alike. We have more work to do, I’m totally aware of that. But today is the day that we celebrate the grand opening of Highway 322 and 220.”

RM of McKillop Reeve Bob Schmidt said because the Highway is the main thoroughfare and access point to the RM, “having it completed is what everybody wanted. It’s good for the community.”

James Fraser, Vice-President of ASL Paving Ltd, “We are really proud to be a part of this project from Highways. We have an office in Regina, and we are super happy to do a project within the proximity of Regina. And the Regina residents and the surrounding area can enjoy and come to the Provincial Park, and our crews did a wonderful job. This is a big project for us this year under fairly tight timelines to get it done and our crews did a remarkable job of getting it completed prior to the end of the year and we are really proud of that.”
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