Saskatchewan hits another high with 439 new COVID-19 cases reported Nov. 21, higher than Manitoba

The number of people in hospital has climbed to 91, from 85 the day before. New recoveries came in at 41. The 7-day average is now 203 new cases per day, a measurement the Ministry of Health said it would now be reporting.

On Nov. 8, that 7-day average was 97.6, meaning the average had doubled in 13 days, after having doubled from 45.7 in 16 days.

This is the first time in the last two months Saskatchewan has exceeded Manitoba for new cases in one day.

On the same day, Manitoba reported 385 new cases and 10 deaths. Manitoba’s 7-day average for new cases is now 407.4, which has remained relatively flat for the last nine days, between 390.0 and 407. 4 average cases per day.

North Dakota reported 1,526 new cases, and 16 more deaths. Its 7-day average is now 1,244.3, the lowest point it has been since Nov. 4. On Nov. 18, North Dakota’s 7-day average peaked at 1,415.7 cases per day.
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