The Bell Fund empowers cancer patients at the MUHC

The Bell Fund empowers cancer patients at the MUHC
It signifies the end of a patient’s medical journey and reminds the hospital’s staff of the work they’ve accomplished.

A cancer patient will ring the bell once they reach remission in their treatment.

“It brings a lot of joy to everybody who’s been involved with the patient,” said Judy Martin, who founded The Bell Fund.

“Obviously, for the patient and the family it’s a celebration. For the team around them — the nurses, the doctors — it’s also a celebration of what they’ve done to help these people.”

Martin founded The Bell Fund  in September 2013 after overcoming cancer.

She joined Global’s Laura Casella Thursday to talk about the program that provides comfort kits to cancer patients.

The comfort kits were inspired by Martin’s older sister, who had given her a few items to help her through chemotherapy.
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