Town ready to fill committee positions

Town of Hinton administration is ready to start filling positions for the new Beaver Boardwalk Community Oversight Committee (BBOC) since its terms of references were officially approved by council.

Anyone interested in joining the committee must complete the Boards and Committees Application Form and indicate which representative role they wish to fill and how they conform to that role.

Town of Hinton Administration did respond prior to Hinton Voice deadline as to where to find the application form to register, or what council’s decisions to choose individuals for the roles will be based on. Applicants can apply for multiple representative roles but will only be appointed to hold one representative role by Town Council. Committee members are appointed for a two-year term.

The committee will be made up of one Hinton council representative and one alternate, the arena parks supervisor, one administrative Town of Hinton support staff, and nine community members.

Community members include two Maxwell Lake Area residents, two Town of Hinton residents at-large, one educational representative, one recreation and tourism representative, one environment representative, one youth representative, and one indigenous representative.

If one or more of the representative roles is not filled, the BBOC may continue to conduct its business and fill the position as soon as possible.

BBOC is expected to meet quarterly, with the possibility of additional meetings. BBOC was established to enhance communication between Administration and the community and to make sure the Beaver Boardwalk Vision is maintained.

The committee will receive one presentation from Administration regarding annual operational maintenance plans prior to spring/summer maintenance activities, as well as a presentation regarding proposed capital projects for the area.

The Beaver Boardwalk Committee, made up of council members and administrative staff, was established in July 2019 to gather, study, and discuss information about the Boardwalk condition and rehabilitation project.

The committee has completed several deliverables including formulating a vision regarding the Beaver Boardwalk and seeking additional stakeholder and subject matter experts’ input.It has also addressed formulating recommendations for approval by Council regarding the Beaver Boardwalk service level, current maintenance, rehabilitation, financial and budgetary impacts, and any other applicable recommendations.

Eventually, its recommendations to council will aid in making informed and transparent decisions regarding the boardwalk’s future.
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