Two-time cancer survivor in Quebec creates bottle drive to give back to charity

Two-time cancer survivor in Quebec creates bottle drive to give back to charity
In a Pointe-Claire’s parking lot on Saturday morning, dozens of volunteers gathered to help collect and sort donated wine and alcohol bottles.

All morning long, people drove through and dropped off hundreds of empty bottles for a fundraising drive called Genie in a Bottle.

The initiative was created by Shirley Cavanagh, a two-time cancer survivor.

She says she came up with the idea last year, after noticing how many people toss empty bottles into the garbage or recycling.

She thought the bottles could be of better use.

So she began collecting empty bottles, at first, from friends and family and then eventually, from local communities, through fundraising drives. She takes the bottles to Ontario and returns them to the Beer Store for money.

The funds are donated to two organizations: the VOBOC foundation — a charity that helps teens and young adults with cancer, that once helped Cavanagh as a young adult; and the Betty Riel Fund — which helps fund transportation for cancer patients.

“I was re-diagnosed with cancer last year, and so was my mom,” said Cavanagh. “So it’s a charity that’s close to the heart. And we figured if we could give back to them we’d like to.”
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