West Island Community Shares breakfast kicks off fundraising campaign

West Island Community Shares breakfast kicks off fundraising campaign
WATCH ABOVE: West Island Community Shares kicks off its fundraising campaign with a breakfast in Pointe-Claire. As Global s Kelly Greig reports, the organization is hoping to raise $1.2 million by October 2017.


It was a packed house at 3 Brasseurs in Pointe-Claire Friday morning as West Island Community Shares (WICS) kicked off its fundraising campaign.

Hundreds turned up with cash to spend, and in return got coffee and a plate of bacon and eggs.

The much-needed money will go to 40 West Island community groups.

“There’s definitely a lot of forgotten pockets of poverty in the West Island,” said Amcal executive director Sophie Dalbec.

“We think of the big houses on Lakeshore Road and different wealthy neighbourhoods, but there’s a lot of poverty and new immigrant families that need support.”

West Island Community Shares representatives said its services are being used now more than ever.

“The West Island is a fantastic place to live, to work, to grow up, but we do have residents in need,” said WICS executive director Leanne Bayer.

“One in five West Island residents access our services.”

While many came to the fundraiser, Bayer said it’s still difficult to get the message out, especially to the local community.

“We have to scream and beat the drum to let fellow West Island residents know there is this need,” she said.

This year’s theme is “Cereal and Milk,” which was inspired by the work of a local food bank that had dropped off staples to a home.

They were greeted by children who were excited to finally be able to eat cereal and milk at the same time.
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