West Island company creates urban garden to benefit local food bank

West Island company creates urban garden to benefit local food bank
An urban garden is being planted at the Pointe-Claire offices of Medtronic, a medical equipment company, in the hopes of growing fresh produce for a local food bank.

“The hope is that we’re able to grow this program in the future and add more boxes,” said Dan Bradford, who works with Medtronic’s philanthropic team.

Medtronic has supported the West Island Mission for years.

After the federal government announced new dietary guidelines suggesting Canadians adopt a diet composed of about 50 per cent vegetables, the company decided it wanted to do more to help the Mission.

Medtronic’s philanthropic team asked Urban Seedling, an urban gardening organization, to help them set up 10 plots to garden and grow vegetables like peas, carrots and tomatoes.

“We realized we aren’t feeding our recipients exactly as we should be,” said Suzanne Scarrow, executive director of West Island Mission, adding she’s grateful for the innovative help.
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