AGT magician Max Major called out for major fail: Dude is a fraud - AOL

AGT  magician Max Major called out for major fail:  Dude is a fraud  - AOL
When mentalist/magician Max Major performed on theAmericas Got Talentsemifinals Tuesday night, judges Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara thought his chatty act, which involved asking the cast and audience to pick random numbers, was confusing. But viewers at home were even more confused, when it sounded like a member of the shows virtual audience chose the number 13, but Max claimed that shed said 14.

AGTfans on Twitter were quick to point out this discrepancy, even if the judges (including Heidi Klum, whod been recruited as Maxs onstage assistant) oddly said nothing and played along. "Hey Im pretty sure the audience member said 13, not 14 during Max Majors performance; I call a cheat, Im disappointed, tweeted one irate viewer. "Did anyone else clearly hear the little girl say 13 and not 14 during Max Major #agt performance? Because I swear she did which means he didn t actually succeed in his act, observed another.
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