Fans Think Ellen DeGeneres Stole Her New Look From The Boys Homelander - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Fans Think Ellen DeGeneres Stole Her New Look From  The Boys  Homelander - Showbiz Cheat Sheet
After a rather stressful summer hiatus, Ellen DeGeneres is looking to switch things up. Just a few months after taking her show virtual, following the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, DeGeneres found herself embroiled in a massive controversy when she and The Ellen DeGeneres Show producers were accused of toxicity and bad behavior.

DeGeneres has since apologized for not living up to her “be kind” persona. However, it does seem to still have some lasting effects on her series’ ratings. Now, it appears that the 62-year-old is switching things up and yearning for a fresh start with a brand new look.

Unfortunately, many fans are drawing comparisons to the comedian and a pivotal player on the drama series, The Boys .

DeGeneres is clearly looking for a fresh start. Though her ratings are dropping on her long-running TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian has been detemined to press forward. After apologizng for the toxic work environment on her seires, DeGeneres has a brand new look.

The actor has worn a close-cropped blonde pixie cut for years. In mid-October, she appeared on The Ellen Show with a slicked-back pompadour, similar to a style that her wife, Portia de Rossi, has worn for some time.

Fans commented that DeGeneres was giving fans ’50s’ Elvis vibes, but another fan pointed out that she looked like a superhero/villain from Amazon’s The Boys.

Homelander has got to chill at this point…

Shortly after debuting her new look, comedian Kid Fury tweeted that DeGeneres was giving him Homelander vibes. “Homelander has got to chill at this point…” he wrote after retweeting a photo of DeGeneres’s new look.

Other fans eagerly commented on the similarities between DeGeneres, Homelander and, Elvis Presley. “Elvis Degeneres is really out here,” another fan added. One fan said it reminded them of what Justin Bieber might look like in the future, “So this is what Beiber will look like in 30 years.”

Honestly, we will not be able to look at DeGeneres or Homelander actor, Antony Starr, the same again.

On The Boys, Homelander, also called John, is the leader of the Vought superhero group, The Seven. Unfortunately, the blonde, Captain American-like icon isn’t exactly a good guy. Though his blonde hair and blue eyes give him an All-American look, he’s far from heroic. In fact, he’s downright terrifying.

Known as the greatest superhero to ever live, Homelander can fly, he has super strength and super hearing, and he can see through almost anything. Let’s not even get into his laser eyes that can melt anything. Despite his outward appearance, Homelander is rotten to his core. He’s had some psychopathic tendencies, and it’s clear that what you see on the surface in no way matches who he truly is.

Though no one is equating DeGeneres with Homelander’s most diabolical traits, it’s clear that the image that she gave her fans and the public for years did not match up to who she truly was.
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