First Mando Monday: New The Mandalorian Action Figures, Artwork, Sneakers & More Revealed - /FILM

First Mando Monday: New  The Mandalorian  Action Figures, Artwork, Sneakers & More Revealed - /FILM
During the upcoming second season of The Mandalorian, every week will have a special Mando Monday reveal with new merchandise tied to the live-action Star Wars series on Disney+. With the second season premiere coming up this Friday, this week brought the first Mando Monday, and while there werent any merchandise reveals that provided any insights into the shows story, it does have a some fantastic new The Mandalorian action figures, officially licensed artwork, Adidas sneakers, and much more. Get a look at some of the new merch and more below.

Note: some of the links for ordering items below may not be live yet, so keep checking as the day goes on.

First up, weve got a new edition of The Mandalorian in his beskar armor as a Black Series figure, and this time hes coming with the pram and The Child, not to mention a bunch of other accessories. But the best part about this version of The Mandalorian is that you can take off his helmet to reveal Din Djarin, played by Pedro Pascal, whose face has been created with the 3D photoreal sculpting technology. You can get this one only at Target .

Theres also another Black Series action figure set that comes with the little creature lovingly referred to by fans as Baby Yoda, this time with one of his sworn enemies. You might remember that an Imperial Scout Trooper was so bold as to punch The Child, and now that Scout Trooper and his speeder bike is getting the Black Series treatment, complete with The Child sitting inside of the satchel in which he is punched. .

The Vintage Collection is also expanding with three new figures inspired by the first season of The Mandalorian. The 3.75-inch action figure line is also getting a new version of Mando with a removable helmet, as well as Giancarlo Esposito as Moff Gideon with the darksaber, and The Armorer with her signature metal-working tools that double as deadly weapons.

Mando is a Walmart exclusive , but the other two you can order at various retailers starting today.

Even though The Mandalorian wasnt around when the original Star Wars toys hits shelves in 1978, Hasbro is pretending like they were by giving them Retro Collection action figures. These figures have a simple design, and some of them even come with those terribly vinyl capes and cloaks that characters like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi had. These are a fun faux flashback, and all the key characters are included. These will be available at various retailers.

If the dozens of other plush toys of The Child out there arent good enough for you, then this latest Real Moves plush that can be controlled with a wrist remote might be good for you. He moves around, uses his Force abilities, and will probably scare the crap out of your pets. This will be available at Shop Disney .

Not all The Mandalorian merch is limited to toys. Acme Archives has unveiled some new limited edition artwork inspired by the first season of The Mandalorian. They actually have a whole gallery of pieces, including some concept art from the show, that you can order right now. Its a little on the pricier side, but theres some great work there. Head over to Acme Archives for a look.

Finally, Adidas is releasing a whole new line of sneakers dedicated to The Mandalorian. There are various shoes inspired by Mando, The Child, The Armorer, and even the darksaber. You can get a better look at all of the shoes over at the Adidas website , but they wont be on sale until 12:00 A.M. PT on November 4.
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