Loki director confirms gender-fluidity of Tom Hiddleston s trickster god in the MCU - Entertainment Weekly News

Loki  director confirms gender-fluidity of Tom Hiddleston s trickster god in the MCU - Entertainment Weekly News
Kate Herron, the director of the Disney+ series about Tom Hiddleston s trickster god, confirmed as much in light of a recent teaser that came out online.

"I would say that details are marked in but it is something acknowledged," she told Insider . "He s gender fluid in the Norse mythology and the comics and it felt like an important thing to, as you say, make sure it s canon."


Tom Hiddleston on Marvel and Disney+ s "Loki."

The teaser that sparked discussion arrived earlier this week with footage of Loki s case file from the Time Variance Authority, the organization at the center of the series that protects the flow of the sacred timeline. Under "sex," the file notes Loki is "fluid" instead of "male" or "female."

It s one thing to confirm as much, but it ll be another thing if the series ever addresses it or depicts it in some way. LGBTQ fans have been burned before, though it seems like progress is happening with Eternals and everything Tessa Thompson is doing with Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Hiddleston previously addressed this aspect to the character in an interview with Inverse . "It s always been there in the comics for some time and in the history of the character for hundreds, if not thousands of years," he said.

Michael Waldron, the head writer on Loki, also chimed in during that same interview. "I know how many people identify with Loki in particular and are eager for that representation, especially with this character," he said. "We worked really hard."

Loki stars Hiddleston opposite Owen Wilson , Gugu Mbatha-Raw , Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku, and Richard E. Grant . New episodes of the six-episode season premiere every Wednesday on Disney+.
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