Mama June Claims Dentist Pulled Bait-and-Switch with Teeth Job, Sends Legal Threat - TMZ

Mama June Claims Dentist Pulled Bait-and-Switch with Teeth Job, Sends Legal Threat - TMZ
Mama June s going after a dentist she claims promised to fix her teeth in exchange for some Instagram publicity, but allegedly pulled a bait-and-switch ... leaving her mouth in major pain.

The reality star s legal team has fired off a letter to a dentist in Beverly Hills. In the document, obtained by TMZ, June says she made a deal with the dentist to fly into town to get her chompers fixed ... and all she d have to do for payment is tag him and promote his work on social media.

June s rep, Gina Rodriguez, tells us June arrived on Monday for her appointment and booked accommodations for 12 days per the dentist s suggested timeline for the procedure to fix her top and bottom teeth.

According to the letter, the Doc removed her temporary dental implants from a previous procedure but then, "after placing her in a vulnerable (and painful) position," told her he would not complete the process unless she agreed to do media appearances to endorse his services.

June s team says this was never discussed at any point before the removal of her temporary implants, and now she s scrambling to find a new dentist to complete the work because her mouth is exposed ... and she s in a great deal of pain.

June s attorneys are demanding the dentist either complete the work as agreed upon -- or pay her $35k to cover the costs of her travel and getting the work done by another dentist. If he does neither, they say their next move could be a lawsuit.
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