Priyanka Chopra Knew She Wanted to Date Nick Jonas After Seeing Him in This Steamy Video - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Priyanka Chopra Knew She Wanted to Date Nick Jonas After Seeing Him in This Steamy Video - Showbiz Cheat Sheet
continue to be relationship goals, but how did they first meet and start dating? The actress is sharing an inside look at the one thing that made her very interested in dating Jonas — a music video.

before they ever met, as she told Vogue in December 2018: “It was Nick who sent the first message” in 2016. He had texted Graham Rogers, Chopra’s Quantico costar, he said, noting: “‘Priyanka. Is. Wow.’ That’s not the way I talk.”

Jonas later sent a direct message to Chopra on Twitter: “I’m hearing from a few mutual friends that we should meet.” He added, “She responded day of with a message that said, ‘My team can read this. Why don’t you just text me.’”

That turned into texting each other, with Jonas sharing it was “friendly with an eye toward flirtation.”

The rest, they say, is history. They eventually met when they attended the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2017, which he shared with Vogue that he put his drink down, then got “on one knee — this is in front of a bunch of people — and I say, ‘You’re real. Where have you been all my life?’ Like, loud.”

The two had a drink at the after-party and went to her apartment. She shared, “We hung out for a couple of hours. He patted my back before he left.”

“There was no kiss. There was nothing,” Jonas added, explaining, “Your mom was in the house! I thought it was a respectful first night.”

She added: “It was too respectful if you ask me.”

Dec 29, 2019 at 9:00am PST

Fast forward to the couple celebrating their first year of marriage and Chopra adds a bit more perspective about when she knew she was interested in Jonas.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actress gave some insight into her daily life and dropped a bit of intel about attention.

She shared: “The first thing I do in the morning is put on music. My life has always been pretty musical, and now with Nick it’s completely musical. I decided to date him after seeing the video for ‘Close,’ where his shirt comes off. So that song is my favorite.”

Though she’s got a soft spot in her heart for his 2016 song and video, she’s not too familiar with one of Jonas’s Disney roles — she’s never seen Camp Rock!

The actress added: “I’ve never seen Camp Rock, and everyone makes fun of me about that, so maybe soon we’ll have a Camp Rock viewing party. I bet it will be great.”

Chopra and Jonas may have celebrated their first year of marriage, but they’re still learning things about each other. The best way for them to uncover new things, Chopra explained, is with a regular “show-and-tell” session.

She explained how it works, noting: “We play a lot of music before bed. Nick and I didn’t really know that much about each other’s careers before we came into each other’s lives. So we used to do a show-and-tell at night where it would be like, ‘This is my first song!’ or ‘This is my first movie!’ or ‘This is the first song I wrote myself,’ things like that.”

She continued: “And actually that’s how we’re still getting to know each other.”
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