Stargazing at TIFF: Nicole Kidman’s read your Goldfinch reviews and she is SHOCKED!

Stargazing at TIFF: Nicole Kidman’s read your Goldfinch reviews and she is SHOCKED!
Pop quiz: Why does Nicole Kidman look so shocked and then embarrassed on the TIFF red carpet? A) Somebody shouted out a spoiler for Big Little Lies. B) She’s just so happy to be able to move her face after quitting Botox that she’s displaying all the emotions. C) She just read all those reviews trashing The Goldfinch. (AP/WireImage photos)

It’s OK, though! Do not cry for Nicole Kidman! Somebody gave her a puppy to play with and she’s happy again! (

Oh Great. Meryl Streep heard she missed the puppies and now she’s mad! SOMEBODY GET THIS WOMAN A PUPPY, STAT! (Getty Images)

True, TIFF disrupts traffic in downtown Toronto. There is no getting around that. But the festival has come up with a solution: Just hop on Jamie Lee Curtis’s back and she’ll get you where you’re going about as fast as you’d get there on the streetcar! You can still call her the Red Rocket, but the fare evasion fines are much worse cause Jamie Lee Curtis piggybacks are a cash-only operation. (Getty Images)

It wouldn’t be TIFF if Nicolas Cage didn’t show up to promote whatever gonzo Midnight Madness movie he’s in while looking like an absolute weirdo. Friends, he did not disappoint this year. He looks like he’s about to film National Treasure III: The Last Crusade (Seriously, the last one. Can’t do any more. Not without my gout acting up.) Except in this one, instead of stealing the Declaration of Independence, he steals a pie off a windowsill. (Getty Images)

Riddle me this, film fans: Why does Jamie Dornan always look dead behind the eyes? It’s like every minute, he’s contemplating the choices he’s made in his life that have brought him to this sad point. Either that or he’s wondering where to hide a body. (Getty Images)

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You heard about the way big action stars have it written into their contracts that they can only take so many punches, etc.? Well on the set of Hustlers, Constance Wu and Keke Palmer clearly signed a red carpet clause stating that Wu would bear her right leg and Palmer would bear her left leg and nobody else in the cast better even THINK about wearing a dress with a huge slit up the thigh. (Getty Images photos)

Also in the contract, nobody else in the cast except J.Lo is allowed to wear a dress with a plunging neckline. But it’s only fair. She’s the one who created that look after all. J.Lo: bearing her sternum and beyond on red carpets since 2000. (Getty Images photos)

“I love your superhero costume, Shailene Woodley!” “Thanks! It has pockets!” (Getty Images)

It’s been a couple of years now and still, nobody will tell me what the hell an Ansel Elgort is. Based on these pictures, it’s clear that what we’re dealing with is a Lurch-like giant boy who towers so tall over his The Goldfinch co-star Dennis O’Hare that I’m a bit concerned they had to shoot the whole movie in forced perspective. (Getty Images photos)
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