Wilco s Jeff Tweedy on how he s stayed productive through the pandemic - CBS News

Wilco s Jeff Tweedy on how he s stayed productive through the pandemic - CBS News
Like many of us, Jeff Tweedy, the celebrated frontman of the band "Wilco," has spent much of the year hanging around the house. But quarantine hasn t slowed down Tweedy s prolific talent.

"You ve been doing sessions at home during the pandemic almost every day," "CBS This Morning s" Anthony Mason said to Tweedy.

"Yeah," Tweedy said. "On my wife s Instagram. It s become a thing."

"Was that something you needed to do?" Mason asked.

"The initial impulse was to cheer my wife up," Tweedy said. "I think she was disappointed that I was home from tour."

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Wilco s summer tour was canceled and Tweedy has no idea when he ll perform in front of a live audience again.

"We just started playing songs occasionally. We did it every night. We ve done, like, 107 shows," Tweedy said. "I just felt a need to have some routine. Some daily connection to my family and to share some sense of reliability and normalcy."

"And then you went and recorded an album as well?" Mason asked.

"I was just given all this time, that I wouldn t have otherwise had," Tweedy said.

The new album, "Love is the King," was released Friday. But that wasn t the only writing Tweedy did. In June, soon after the death of George Floyd, Tweedy put out a statement on Twitter pledging 5% of his songwriting royalties to groups working for racial justice and challenged the industry to follow him. "The modern music industry," he wrote, "is built almost entirely on Black art."

Black Lives Matter.

"Everybody in my profession, I truly believe, if they have any kind of connection to rock n roll, any kind of connection to popular music of the last hundred years, you owe a debt to somebody that wasn t paid," Tweedy said. "And primarily people that were of African American descent."

"There s respect paid," Mason said, "but not necessarily money."

"It s still an uneven playing field," Tweedy said. "And I don t think a lotta people wanna believe that, maybe. But it is."
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