‘A few more months’: Trudeau says we’ll start to see other side of coronavirus pandemic in spring

‘A few more months’: Trudeau says we’ll start to see other side of coronavirus pandemic in spring

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canadians will only need to hold on for “a few more months” as he says the country will begin to see the other side of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the spring.

However, he warned that Canada is in for a “tough winter.”

“People just need to hang on. It’s not forever, it’s only for a few more months,” Trudeau said in an interview for The Mike Farwell Show, which aired on 570 News Kitchener on Tuesday.

“We can do what we need to do to keep our loved ones safe and mostly as well keep our front-line workers from being overwhelmed and our hospital rooms from being overfilled.”

Trudeau warned that as things stand now, Canada’s COVID-19 case counts are heading in the wrong direction.

“I think what we’re seeing now is a rise in cases that is extremely dramatic and alarming, and exactly the wrong trend line. So if we can reverse that and start to flatten it massively, that would be great,” he said.

Chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam echoed the comments about Canada’s coronavirus trends on Friday. Speaking to reporters, she warned that Canada could see daily case counts of more than 10,000 by early December – if the country “continues on the current pace.”

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“You can only imagine if we got to that level, that the pressure on the health-care system would be huge,” she said. “We’ve got to stop the acceleration so we don’t see that (number) in the beginning of December… That’s only a few weeks away.”
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