Online tool calculates your COVID age

Online tool calculates your  COVID age
TORONTO -- It’s impossible to guarantee how an individual person may react after contracting COVID-19, but a popular online tool is offering a better idea of the risk of complications.

The COVIDAge Calculator, launched earlier this year by U.S. health-care organization Sanford Health and medical technologies company Everist Health, allows users to plug in their health details, including their weight, age, waist size, smoking habits and any pre-existing conditions.

Based on that information, the tool determines how likely an individual is to be hospitalized, admitted to an ICU or die if they become infected.

Users are also given a “COVID age." The lower the number, the less likely they are to suffer negative side effects or death.

While the calculator was designed with an American audience in mind, the creators say they hope the tool can give everyone a clearer sense of their current risk factors.
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