Support for mandatory coronavirus vaccine keeps falling even as cases spike: Ipsos

Support for mandatory coronavirus vaccine keeps falling even as cases spike: Ipsos
As well, even though 59 per cent say they would support mandatory vaccination, more than 70 per cent also say they feel nervous about taking a vaccine that was created and rolled out so quickly.

Sixty-nine per cent also cite the potential for long-term effects as a major concern.

“Until people actually get experience with a vaccine and they see what the effects have been on other people, and they’ve had a lot of reassurance from people that they trust, they’re going to be reluctant,” Bricker said.

“We see that reluctance start to grow, mostly because we’re getting closer to when a vaccine is probably going to be available.”

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Coronavirus cases have been spiking across the country in recent weeks as the second wave of the pandemic tightens its grip, leading to mounting cases around the world.

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Public health officials in Canada are urging people to stay home, limit their contacts as much as possible to their own household, and avoid any non-essential outings.
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