No magic bullet to rein in toxic social-media content, LeBlanc says

No  magic bullet  to rein in toxic social-media content, LeBlanc says
OTTAWA -- Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc says there is no magic legislative bullet to control objectionable content on social media.

LeBlanc told a virtual conference on democracy today if there were a simple answer, many other western democracies would have already passed such laws.

He says the internet and social-media platforms must be a home for free speech, a critical element of any democracy.

However, LeBlanc adds, they should not be forums for hate speech, racism and disinformation.

But he says citizens do not want governments to regulate content on the internet.

LeBlanc prefers educating online users, requiring social media companies to be more transparent, and naming and shaming them when they fail to live up to commitments.
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