California Church Caves To Public Health Orders After Racking Up Over $100,000 In Fines

California Church Caves To Public Health Orders After Racking Up Over $100,000 In Fines
About two weeks after Californias North Valley Baptist Church over its refusal to follow local coronavirus guidelines, its lead pastor has changed his tune.

Faced with fines of more than $100,000 for defying Santa Claras public health order prohibiting indoor worship services, Pastor Jack Trieber has agreed to move his services to the parking lot of the Bay Area church. Parishioners remained in their cars during two Sunday services this week as Trieber preached from a podium draped in patriotic bunting.

Trieber said that, after a great deal of prayer, fasting and counsel, he felt compelled to stand aside and let God lead the battle to reopen churches.

I have confidence that [city officials] are going to try their best ... to help to get churches open at the right time, Trieber said during his sermon. Your job and my job is to keep letting God fight this battle.

It was a significant about-turn from the pastors position mere weeks ago.
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