Ads Telling People To Have Less Kids Appear In Vancouver

Ads Telling People To Have Less Kids Appear In Vancouver
A series of bus ads and billboards across Vancouver has caused quite a stir this week for suggesting people have less children to quell overpopulation.

The ads, purchased by U.S. nonprofit World Population Balance, feature slogans such as “the most loving gift you can give a child is not having another” and “conservation begins at contraception.”

They promote the idea of having one child or no children as a way to quell overpopulation, and therefore the climate crisis.

According to the group’s site, the organization was founded in 1992 to “solve the overpopulation crisis.”

“Our mission is to chart a path for human civilization that – rather than causing greater misery – enables good lives on a healthy planet,” they argue.

In a new release, WPB executive director Dave Gardner said they are not “dictating anyone’s choice,” but rather, “we’re celebrating and thanking people for small-family decisions.”

It’s a movement with some high-profile endorsements. At a conference in January, famed primatologist Dr Jane Goodall claimed that human population growth is responsible for the climate crisis, and that most environmental problems wouldn’t exist if our numbers were at the levels they were 500 years ago.

However, overpopulation as a legitimate danger to society by the scientific community. Research shows population growth is one of the least important factors in calculating climate change , especially compared to heavy industrial emitters.

Many social media users were quick to criticize the Vancouver ad campaign as playing into racist or eugenic connotations.

I feel like I’ve grown pretty used to the terrible, racist overpopulation/anti-immigration/lowkey eugenics messaging that still pervades corners of the environmental movement, but this ad just took my breath away.

This billboard is racist trash and any folks talking about overpopulation have no place in the environmental movement.

the concept of overpopulation as the issue needing to be addressed is rooted in eugenics, racism, ableism, and classism. its to divert from the actual issues mentioned in the latter

overpopulation is a myth pushed by ecofascists to justify genocidal policies against developing countries and poor people, pass it on

Nah mate, overpopulation is a Malthusian myth rooted in ecofascism. There s not too many of us, resources are just being distributed inefficiently, and the market demands they re produced in the cheapest, most damaging way possible. The problem is capitalism, not people.

Research has shown that an unequal distribution of resources is actually more to blame for the climate crisis than increasing numbers of people.

“Focusing on human numbers obscures the true driver of many of our ecological woes. That is, the waste and inequality generated by modern capitalism and its focus on endless growth and profit accumulation,” Nottingham University researcher Heather Alberro wrote in The Conversation .

“Blaming human population growth – often in poorer regions – risks fuelling a racist backlash and displaces blame from the powerful industries that continue to pollute the atmosphere.”
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