End Of An Era, Mike Wilner Gone From Blue Jays Broadcast Team, New Stadium Talk & More - Toronto Sports Media

End Of An Era, Mike Wilner Gone From Blue Jays Broadcast Team, New Stadium Talk & More - Toronto Sports Media
I couldn’t believe that Scott Ferguson was not going to be the voice associated with pre-and post-Toronto Blue Jays games when he announced his departure for a short-lived competitor to the Fan 590.

I also couldn’t believe it when the replacement, Mike Wilner for YEARS let it be known that he had never traveled with the team on the road.

I still couldn’t believe it when Wilner took a regular spot in the booth doing play by play.

I can’t believe it today that he won’t be part of the Blue Jays broadcasts moving forward.

There have been iconic names associated with our teams as we have grown up and old(er).

Mike Wilner earned his stripes and was Toronto Blue Jays.

I can’t and won’t try to pretend that I was his biggest fan. We had disagreements publically and via DM on Twitter. So much so that I never thought once of being too tone-deaf of even inviting him on a podcast. However, and, I don’t know if he read this I have always said he earned his stripes, paid his dues and that the Blue Jays would have a hard time finding a more loyal voice than they had in Wilner.

Bob Elliott captured what I have thought and said for years perfectly in a tweet:

By all accounts taking listener calls is the host dilemma. You get to know people are engaged. However, you get to hear who is engaged and more importantly how long they are willing to sit on hold to share their thoughts with you, no matter how far from reality those thoughts may be. For every cab driver Alan there are 100 Moro from Maple. For every one interesting question or comment, there are 1000 idiotic takes or trade ideas.

Wilner did it and for a LONG time.

Wilner developed a reputation for being brash or rude to callers. Maybe not the smartest tactic but wholly hell we all have limits.

Jeff Blair had a really nice tribute on air, equally as complimentary on Twitter:

I said my bit about this on the radio. Tough to be enthusiastic and energetic about your job everyday. But you managed it. I only wish the best for you and your girls ….
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