The NBA is about making adjustments and that s not just its teams

The NBA is about making adjustments and that s not just its teams
Cleaning out the mind and the notebook to wrap up another week that felt an awful lot like the last week and I bet feels a lot like next week.


The NBA is trying, trying all kinds of things to keep this season on the rails and why not?

The latest minor tweak came last night when they changed the start time of about 20 games – including the Jan. 31 Raptors-Magic game that now starts at 7 p.m. – for a logical reason other than to satisfy TV needs.

Our guy Tim Bontemps of ESPN says it’s to extend the days to make it easier to get back the second of each game-day COVID-19 test the players and coaches must take.

The PCR tests, which they take along with a rapid result test – take some time to analyze and even an extra hour or two on a game day might help ensure no one has to held out seconds before tip off.

The league also postponed a block of Memphis games yesterday – three out west including a back-to-back in Sacramento – which is the first time, I believe, they’ve put that many on hold in one fell swoop for one team.

That’s got to give the Grizzlies enough time to finish contact tracing or whatever they have to do and take any uncertainty away from next five days for the franchise.

Those may be small things to some but they are steps that are new and show the league, as we all knew it would have to, is reacting the reality of the pandemic right now.

As we’ve said a kabillion times, this was never going to be an easy under-taking, once they were bound and determined to start in December they had to know there would be disruptions and disruptions they are experiencing.

But rather than shut it down – which to me makes absolutely no senses whatsoever – tweaking things and trying to figure it out as they go is the right thing to do.

And that’s what they’re doing. Lurching from one blip to the next and doing the best they can.
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