COVID Alert App Update Brings More Precise Notifications, Hits 4.9M Downloads - iPhone in Canada

COVID Alert App Update Brings More Precise Notifications, Hits 4.9M Downloads - iPhone in Canada
The federal government has announced COVID Alert for iOS and Android has been updated to now send more precise notifications, “based on a more precise timeline,” .

The update means those tested positive for COVID-19 and who request a one-time key from their public health authority, will now have options to enter their date of first symptoms or testing date. The result means a “better estimation of the period when they may have been most infectious to others,” explains Health Canada.

Another part of COVID Alert’s update will now notify users of potential exposures during the time period when those who tested positive were most infectious, which Health Canada says better aligns with current health guidance.

Health Canada says these new features are optional and any data shared remains on devices and will not be shared.

“As we continue to work together to limit the spread of the virus, COVID Alert is an additional tool you can use to protect yourself and your [loved] ones. We continue to improve the app to encourage you to join the more than 4.9 million who have already downloaded it,” said Patty Hajdu
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