Kroger enlists artificial intelligence to cut down self-checkout errors - Supermarket News

Kroger enlists artificial intelligence to cut down self-checkout errors - Supermarket News
For Kroger shoppers, the technology flags errors in scans at self-checkout and enables customers to self-correct or alerts an associate to help.

Kroger enlists artificial intelligence to cut down self-checkout errors

Everseen Visual AI solution to be deployed at 2,500 stores

The Kroger Co. plans to roll out Everseens Visual AI technology chainwide to detect and reduce customer errors at self-checkout stations.

Ireland-based Everseen said its artificial intelligence and machine learning platform began deployment in Kroger stores in March and is slated to be installed at 2,500 stores in the coming months.

For example, if a customer scanning groceries at the self-checkout kiosk has an item that doesnt scan properly, Evergreens solution identifies the non-scan incident and alerts a store associate via a mobile device to intervene and rescan the item. The result is less friction at checkout for customers and more efficiency and loss prevention for retailers, according to the company.

We are laser-focused on continuous improvements to customers experience across our stores, said Mike Lamb, vice president of asset protection at Cincinnati-based Kroger. By leveraging Everseens Visual AI and machine learning technology, were not only able to remove friction for the customer, but we can also remove controllable costs from the business and redirect those resources to improving the customer experience even more.

According to Evergreen, the Visual AI technology tracks 160 million SKUs and 20 million people daily in its global deployments, bringing lower shrink, end-to-end supply-chain inventory precision to the item level and automation of repetitive tasks.

Everseens unique Visual AI technology is transforming the way retailers can manage their end-to-end operations to drive perpetual inventory accuracy, prevent stock loss, and empower autonomous processes, said Chris Taylor, chief sales officer for Everseen, which has its U.S. headquarters in New York. Ultimately, our job is to take a customer-first approach to making retailers such as Kroger more efficient and profitable.
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