Learn About Your Dog’s Personality, History, And More With DNA My Dog

Learn About Your Dog’s Personality, History, And More With DNA My Dog
While the internet may belong to cats, dogs are not just our best friends–they can save our lives . Yet, often, we don’t know much about the history of our furry friend next to us on the couch. DNA My Dog helps fill in those gaps, and right now, it’s doing it for $59.99, 24% off.

DNA My Dog has been named a leader in ethical canine genetic testing by the GHP Biotechnology Awards in 2020. It is simple to use, and is similar to human DNA tests. You swab your pooch’s cheeks with the sterile applicator, drop it in the mail using the provided envelope, and in two weeks or less, you will get a full report in the mail.

The results include a photo certificate breaking down the different breeds that make up your unique dog, designed for framing, a percentage breakdown of which breeds were found in the results, and an analysis of which breeds are dominant in your dog’s personal make-up. So if you’ve ever wondered just where they got the pug face and the corgi legs, yet eat like a Lab and run like a Schipperke, you can finally get some answers.

The genetic breakdown is particularly important, as it can offer clues as to your pet’s possible health concerns. Every dog is unique, and no genetic mix is a guarantee of good or bad health. Yet it’s useful information and can help you understand what’s going on with your furry friend. For older dogs and rescues, in particular, it can fill in some crucial gaps you might not otherwise have been able to determine. Some mixes can even closely reflect the looks and personality of certain breeds, while having entirely different health needs.

We love our dogs, and knowing their genetic makeup helps us better understand them and do our best for them. And , DNA My Dog teaches you a little more about your four-legged friend.

Prices subject to change.

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