Razer’s Bane-like Zephyr N95 face mask is real, and you can buy it now - Digital Trends

Razer’s Bane-like Zephyr N95 face mask is real, and you can buy it now - Digital Trends
Though the Razer Zephyr, originally announced as Project Hazel , has a similar black-clad aesthetic as most of the companys gaming laptops , the gaming-forward, RGB-lit dual fans on your face could make the contraption seem a bit ostentatious as a face covering. Dont expect to go incognito when youre donning the Zephyr.

In terms of protection during the pandemic, the company claims that its mask has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and tested to filter out 99% of bacteria (BFE) by using replaceable N95 filters. The design, according to Razer, leads to 80% less waste than surgical masks.

In addition to the N95 protection, you are getting a pair of two-speed fans that help with circulation and cooling for better comfort. Other features include an anti-fog coating layer, interior lights for clear facial expressions, and a clear design to top off the masks aesthetics.On the outside, youll find Chroma RGB lighting adorning the exterior fans, and all the electrical components can be controlled with a smartphone app.

Taking in comments and feedback from fans, the Razer Zephyr was designed to provide a smart, eco-friendly mask option, the company said.

If you dont mind looking like Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, the mask is available for $99 starting today on Razers website, and replacement N95 filters available in a 10-pack sell for $29. If the mask looks frightening enough to force people to keep a social distance from you, then perhaps thats a bonus feature of the Zephyr.

You can also get a starter pack with the mask and three N95 filter packs for $149, which will net you 30 filters.

In addition to the Zephyr, the company also launched its Enki gaming chair at its virtual RazerCon conference. Made for optimal weight distribution, the Enki features an ultrawide 21-inch seat base, 110-degree extended shoulder arches, and a 152-degree recline angle with built-in lumbar support.

The company claims that the chair influences your posture by relieving pressure and stress on your back and legs, which could lead to more comfortable and longer gaming sessions.

The chair itself is made with dual-textured, eco-friendly synthetic leather, which is said to be made to withstand wear and tear. The Enki is available in Razer Green, black, and Quartz Pink colors.

If you want something a bit more premium, the Razer Enki Pro comes with a carbon fiber finish on the exterior and premium Alcantara microsuede. The Enki series will start at $299 when it is available on Razers website and at select retailers.
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