The weirdest new gadgets at CES 2021 - CNET

The weirdest new gadgets at CES 2021 - CNET
GM is the latest automaker to investigate the nascent electric air-taxi business , unveiling concept art for a flying taxi that runs on batteries. Several this year, too.

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LG debuted its much-anticipated Rollable smartphone, just as interest in the flexi-tech has started making a comeback. It ll reportedly be available to purchase later this year. TCL also revealed two rollable phone concepts at the virtual show.

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The backside of Samsung s new TV remote has a solar cell that lets the battery recharge using interior light. With its cool nod to sustainability, Samsung s new toy for its also comes with a USB-C charging port.

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John Deere

John Deere brought a homegrown VR experience to CES 2021, enabling you to try out its . Imagine trying to get one of those into the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Vanguard Industries

Meet Moflin. He s a simple creature: a Tribble-sized robotic ball of fluff unveiled at CES 2021 whose singular purpose is to be pet while purring on your lap.

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It may be among the least likely niches for new tech to appear, but the Hive Controller makes extracting honey from beehives much quicker and easier.

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Samsung unveiled its new during its CES 2021 press conference. The shorter fellow is able to keep an electronic eye on your health concerns, while his tall companion can load your dishwasher and even pour you a bottle of wine.

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L Oral

Starting this spring, you ll be able to buy the ultimate digital lipstick mixer from L Oreal via its Perso-powered Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure. . It ll even match your clothes.

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Canadian startup Brink Bionics unveiled its Impulse Neuro-Controller this year. The glove, worn on your mouse-hand, promises to incrementally up your click-response time by anticipating brain and muscle signals.

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Kohler s Innate Intelligent Toilet is one of two bathroom bowls unveiled at CES this year. While it doesn t connect to a smart home network, it comes at a lower cost with a heated seat, auto opening and closing, a remote, as well as a personal bidet function.

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If you re stuck at home and looking to turn the throne room into a spa, Kohler s got what might be the most luxurious home bathtub you can find. For a cool $16,000, you can get the fully loaded version of its Stillness Bath which fills from the bottom and overflows into a Hinoki wood moat surrounded by lighting and fog.

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How about ice cream in a pod? Or margaritas? The 50-pound countertop titan ColdSnap can churn out frozen treats in about a minute and a half, but it s still frozen in a prototype stage until 2022.

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For those with $3,000 to spare, the MyQ Pet Portal offers more than your old-fashioned dog door. It can be controlled remotely, includes live video streaming and two-way audio through the MyQ Pet Portal app, and can be used with a special custom collar system to trigger the door.


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