5 things to know for Monday, September 27, 2021

5 things to know for Monday, September 27, 2021
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2. German election: Germany s centre-left Social Democrats won the biggest share of the vote in a national election Sunday, narrowly beating outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel s centre-right Union bloc.

3. mRNA vaccines: The story of how mRNA vaccines were developed has been missing a key part , according to a scientist whos shining a spotlight on the critical work a small team in Canada.

4. Needle alternatives: A team of scientists developed a painless way to deliver a vaccine shot while offering a better immune response, they say.

5. Cannabis detection: Researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey say smartphone sensor data combined with machine learning could detect whether someone is under the influence of marijuana .

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The molten ring :In 2020, the Hubble Space Telescope captured a rare and spectacular image of light from a far-away galaxy curving in a glowing arc around a cluster of dense gravity -- and now, scientists know .
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TORONTO The mRNA technology used for the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines has been hailed as a medical breakthrough in the fight against COVID 19. The vaccines’ high efficacy...
In a recent article that called Ian MacLachlan “COVID s forgotten hero, ” Forbes revealed the Canadian side of the story after finding MacLachlan’s name at the heart of patents involving...
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When drug companies like Pfizer and Moderna learned to successfully incorporate messenger RNA technology into a COVID 19 vaccine, experts say they likely opened the door to a significant shift in...
Synthesizing mRNA can be done in a relative flash. It’s no coincidence that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA COVID 19 vaccines were the first to receive Health Canada’s approval; these companies were...
The technology that’s proven to be safe and effective in Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna’s breakthrough COVID vaccines could soon be used in a host of other vaccines and drug treatments. Before...