Brampton man acquitted of murder in nightclub shooting of Jordan Buchner, 23

Brampton man acquitted of murder in nightclub shooting of Jordan Buchner, 23
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A Brampton man has been acquitted of murder in the April 2017 shooting death of 23-year-old Jordan Buchner outside a Brampton lounge and nightclub.

Jermaine Smith was found not guilty of second-degree murder by a jury Tuesday evening after less than two hours of deliberation inside a Brampton superior court.

Buchner was shot and killed during a fight outside Masta’s Lounge nightclub on Orenda Road in the early hours of April 15, 2017.

Smith was arrested and charged with murder more than a year later on June 19, 2018. He was 29 at the time.

At trial, Smith’s defence lawyers, Daniel Brown and Lindsay Board, argued the Crown’s two primary witnesses — co-accused Adrian Roberts, of Brampton, and a woman who claimed she was at the lounge that night — were unreliable and untrustworthy. The defence noted that Roberts, 32 at the time of his arrest, had 17 previous convictions, arguing he was prepared to lie to police in order to protect himself from prosecution.

Both Roberts and Smith, who were friends, were among a group of men who were at the bar that night, the court heard. Prosecutors argued that Roberts had been in a confrontation with another man who was with Buchner outside the lounge, when Smith took a gun from Roberts and fired several rounds, including the fatal shot.

At trial, Roberts testified he believe Smith fired the gun, although he said he wasn’t looking when the shots were fired.

Roberts was initially charged with accessory after the fact to murder and firearms offences. At trial, the jury heard that the Crown later withdrew the accessory charge, and that Roberts has served a 12-month sentence for firearm possession.

“(Roberts) lied about where he was that night and who he was with,” Brown said during his closing statement on Monday.

Brown said Roberts’ statements were littered with lies including about having a gun and leaving the scene with a gun.

“He lied about who he believed shot that gun,” Brown said, adding that Roberts pointed the finger at Smith because police told him that “if he didn’t tell them who it was (who fired), he was going to jail for the rest of his life — so he said it was Jermaine.”

“What he did was made a deal to keep him out of trouble and get charges dropped,” Brown told the jury.

The defence lawyer also argued the female witness testified against Smith in hopes of getting a $25,000 reward that , more than a year after the shooting. She testified that Roberts had a gun during the confrontation but wasn’t the one who shot it.

In his closing statement, Crown attorney Colin Henderson conceded that Roberts admitted to having a weapon and told a number of lies to the police, but said “none of them means that you cannot find that he was telling the truth on the central issue of who fired the fatal shot.”
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