Erin O’Toole talks vaccines, abortion and Doug Ford in lively interview with Star journalists

Erin O’Toole talks vaccines, abortion and Doug Ford in lively interview with Star journalists
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During a wide-ranging discussion with the Star’s editorial board on Tuesday, Erin O’Toole described himself as a new kind of Conservative leader who is trying to build trust with progressive voters.

Challenged by Star journalists on vaccines, reproductive rights, climate policy and other issues, O’Toole made the case that despite past flip-flops, the Erin O’Toole who believes in a woman’s right to choose and carbon pricing, among other moderate positions, is the real Erin O’Toole.

Here are three highlights from the conversation:

During one exchange, Star columnist Althia Raj pushed O’Toole on how, if he becomes prime minister, he would keep a Conservative caucus in line and ensure backbenchers would do nothing to erode reproductive rights. It simply wouldn’t happen, he responded, evading Raj’s questions on how exactly he’d make sure.

In another exchange, O’Toole was asked about whether he knows what percentage of his candidates are vaccinated. When he wouldn’t say, a lively conversation with Star editors ensued.

At one point, Star columnist Martin Regg Cohn asked O’Toole how he felt about not getting an endorsement (so far) from Doug Ford. Here’s how the Conservative leader responded:



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