Green leader says party turmoil time-limited, asks members to look to the future

Green leader says party turmoil  time-limited,  asks members to  look to the future
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OTTAWA -- Green Party Leader Annamie Paul says the internal disputes clouding the party are time-limited and is pleading with members and supporters to keep their eyes on the future.

During the official launch of her campaign office in Toronto on Thursday, Paul said the attempt to overturn an arbitrators decision to shut down a non-confidence vote on her leadership isnt reflective of the sentiment of the partys entire federal council, or governing body.

These are the actions of a small group of outgoing councillors, this was not actually sanctioned by our federal council, it is not an action that came before our federal council and so I am asking people to just have patience, she told reporters.

Look to the future, this is something that is extremely time-limited and we have a very bright future beginning next month. We have a new set of councillors, every day we are approving more candidates for the next election.

In documents submitted Wednesday to the Ontario Superior Court, the party claims that Paul submitted a Notice of Request to Arbitrate on July 7, which included an order to quash a non-confidence vote on her leadership, scheduled to take place on July 20.

The arbitrator, Earl Cherniak, ordered on July 15 that a non-confidence motion would not proceed before the partys general meeting in August and that the party must post this update to its website.

The party is now arguing that while Pauls employment agreement offers arbitration relief for disputes and controversies, that agreement is made with the Green Party of Canada Fund the partys legal and financial body not the Green Party itself, so applying an arbitration order on the party is wrong.

The arbitrator made an error in jurisdiction and therefore in law. The [order] purports to restrain the Green Party which is not a signatory to the Employment Agreement, the documents read.

It also states that the arbitrator sought to limit the activities, decisions and communications of members and the membership of the Green Party.
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