Is COVID-19 making airplane passengers more unruly?

Is COVID-19 making airplane passengers more unruly?
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Stephanie Scherrer was settling in for her two-hour Southwest Airlines flight from Denver, Colorado to her home in Los Angeles, California. Her face covering was on, her hand sanitizer was ready, she d wiped down the seats and her two kids were also masked up.

It was July 15. Scherrer, a high school counsellor, had thought long and hard about whether she felt safe flying during the Covid-19 pandemic, researching driving routes and poring over airline policies. But she was reassured by Southwest s compulsory mask rule, plus its pledge to keep the middle seats open.

The aircraft had left the gate when Scherrer says she spotted a commotion several rows ahead: a flight attendant was confronting a man and a woman who were refusing to wear face masks.
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