Lowest of the social media low, LeBron s legacy and figuring out salaries in the mail

Lowest of the social media low, LeBron s legacy and figuring out salaries in the mail
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It’s kind of a slow week here in the mailbag which I guess is understandable given how little is going on in the world of sports.

We can hope that (a) things pick up or (b) we all branch out into other things and we’re more normal over the next few weeks.

But enjoy this either way and Happy The Book Is Finally Going To Be Out There Week.


Q: Hi - read your article about Danny Green , and it s appalling that people would make death threats, but nothing surprises me any more.  When the trolls come out, we often say they re people with too much time on your hands, and that describes a lot of people right now, but some perspective is clearly needed.

I know players receive a lot of grief over social media, and that some feel it s okay because they re highly paid, etc.  I think that s nonsense, but I wonder if you know what Raptor has been trolled the most, and who you would say handles it well?  I know Kyle read and remembers all the bad comments he got about some of those early series.

I hope everyone managed to have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and are taking care to *not* be part of the COVID problem.  Big shoutout to all those health care workers about to get snowed under again.


A: I don’t recall anyone here getting treatment as ugly as Danny Green did that day but the usual suspects – always the best players like Lowry, Vince, DeMar – and the coaches—Casey and Jay mostly – but that’s generally from oer-reactive fans.

I also don’t think a lot of players pay any attention and only learn of stuff from family and friends.

I will say the social media trolls who stand behind anonymity and go after players and their families personally are the lowest of the low.


Q: Writing from Geneva.  I m in shock waking up to read that Joe Morgan has died.  Morgan was a wonder - as a relatively small person, in baseball terms,  his combination of skill, smarts and an outsized personality was overwhelming.  In my 2000 edition of Bill James, he is listed as the all-time player at his position, ahead of Rogers Hornsby, a racist who wouldn t play exhibitions against blacks.  Growing up in the 50s and 60s, I was addicted to the game.  Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Larry Doby, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron and later Lou Brock and Bob Gibson (I hated the Yankees although Ford was top ten all time lefty, and sadly Seaver gone far too early) finally  closes a chapter on my childhood.  I first felt this in the Reggie Jackson era as we were born a month apart.

There is no argument that James is the GOAT athlete, irrespective of the sport.  If we assume that Jordan is the crowd favourite James has played about 11000 more minutes, at all positions, taken mediocre teams to the finals (2007 with Hughes, Gooden, Ilgauskas) and won 2016 v all time best Warriors (73-9) with Love, Smith, Thompson and Irving).  Much more important is his leadership at this breaking point in American history, elevating him into the GOAT pantheon with Ali and Owens .

Stay well.


It’s a valid point on James and his impact outside the game and if you give Jackie Robinson the No. 1 slot as an undisputed choice – as I do – the second group of three is hard to argue with. And I think that’s going be a big part of LeBron’s lasting legacy.


Q: Good evening Doug,

it is enough of a challenge to adjust golfing times to the shorter days,  either cold in  morning or windy and cold in the afternoon. Then I have to figure out what sports season we are in. Aren t we supposed to be in the meaningless early season basketball games and why isn t our local pride and joy defenseman playing on Saturday night for his new team -the falling Leaves?  I think the baseball season is concluding at close to the usual time - but didn t they just start playing  a month or so ago? And for some reason I can t even find any of the scores of the double blue.

I wonder if this keeping of old sports clothing is mainly a male thing. Also wonder if you have any old treasures that have been stowed away and survived moves and a wifely desire for disposal.

Perhaps this could be a topic for development of best artifact that the irregulars might have stowed away and will admit to keeping.  Newer items like my 35 year old track spikes will not be eligible for the list.

Hope this brings back some pleasant memories for you and fellow irregulars - would certainly enjoy other s memories - much more than rumors of an undrafted Malagasian who of course will become the next franchise player.
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