This gold-plated Nintendo Wii was made for Queen Elizabeth II. Now it’s on sale for $300,000 U.S.

This gold-plated Nintendo Wii was made for Queen Elizabeth II. Now it’s on sale for $300,000 U.S.
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The golden Nintendo Wii, complete with a gold-plated “Wiimote” controller, was listed on for a hefty $300,000 U.S.

The seller, Donny Fillerup, told the Star that he acquired the unique console in 2017, for an amount he refused to disclose.

“In 2009, when (video game company) THQ learned that the Queen likes to , they decided to send her a golden Wii to promote ‘Big Family Games,’ their new sports collection,” Fillerup said.

“In England, it’s against the law for the royal family to accept promotional gifts, so it was returned by the royals,” he added.

For the first two years of owning it, Fillerup did not publicize the fact that he had the console.

In 2019, when YouTuber “People Make Games” made a video titled “ What happened to the Queen’s Golden Wii? ” and public interest increased, Fillerup announced he owned the videogame console.

Fillerup is a collector of Nintendo consoles, with over 100 limited-edition versions in his collection, but the Royal Gold Wii is “easily the most valuable console I own,” he said.

Experts had earlier valued the console at $1 million U.S., but he is not looking to get that much for it.

“I have listed it for $300,000 (U.S.) because that is the price of an apartment in the city I live in,” he said.

“I don’t need more, I don’t want more. I just want enough for my own place.”

There has been a lot of interest from buyers all over the world, he said.

The highest offer he has received so far is in the mid-five-figure range, but he said he is willing to wait for an offer that is worthy of the “invaluable piece.”

On the legitimacy of the device, Fillerup said the person who sold it to him provided emails from Nintendo, as well as THQ, the company who gifted the device to the Queen in the first place.



This is not the only golden videogame console out there. Several companies, like U.K. based customization brand Truly Exquisite , offer various gold-plate finishes on devices, such as the latest PlayStation 5.

Fillerup also owns , an online community that provides a detailed database of limited edition videogame consoles.

“This was just a hobby I enjoyed on the side, but it has ended up expanding into something pretty big,” he said.
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