Trudeau says election would not be irresponsible but he does not want one

Trudeau says election would not be  irresponsible  but he does not want one
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OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he doesnt want an election but if one is held, Canadians should feel confident that Elections Canada is capable of delivering a fair process despite the pandemic.

Trudeau made the comments during a Wednesday press conference, speaking after three days of meetings with his ministers and experts at a cabinet retreat.

"I do not want an election, I dont think Canadians want an election," Trudeau said, shaking his head after a reporter asked him to clarify his stance.

"I think it s irresponsible to say that an election would be irresponsible. Our country and our institutions are stronger than that, and if there has to be an election, well figure it out."

Trudeau s government will be delivering its throne speech next Wednesday, providing an outline of his government s plans for the upcoming parliamentary session. MPs will then vote on the plan -- a vote that, if it fails, will trigger an election.

Earlier in the press conference, Trudeau spoke about whether an election could be completed effectively despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic which spurred the later request for him to clarify whether he d support an election.

"We ve just saw the completion of an electoral process in New Brunswick that went off well. We want to see our democracy continue to thrive, not in spite of difficult circumstance, but also because of difficult circumstances," Trudeau had said.

"I think I should, and we all should, have tremendous confidence in Elections Canada to be able to bring forward strong measures to keep us safe and allow for the expression of the democratic will of the people."
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