Walmart Canada ends price-matching program, sparking consumer outrage

Walmart Canada ends price-matching program, sparking consumer outrage
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TORONTO -- One of the countrys largest retailers, Walmart Canada, is no longer allowing customers to price-match items in its stores, sparking consumer outrage in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company announced it would in September citing a decrease in usage and delays at checkout.

As of Oct. 15, customers are no longer able to request a price match in Walmart Canada stores, a move that has not been received kindly by customers trying to save money and keep shopping trips to a minimum during the pandemic.

Walmart ending price matching during a pandemic is very inconsiderate. Considering their longer hours and more variety compared to competitors, theyre putting families in a bind with no choice but to spend more. What happened to save money, live better, read a tweet sent to the retailer.

In another tweet sent directly to Walmart Canada, one user wrote , I was wondering how during a pandemic Walmart of Canada will stop price matching and have people shop at different stores or locations not very customer friendly as we try to limit our family shopping to one store.

The company notes that if the price of a product drops after a customer makes a purchase, they are able to receive a refund for the difference within 30 days.
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